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Supporting Visionary Brands.

Art and Science.

Integrity Brands is a private investment and advisory practice. It was founded in 1999 as a masthead for a series of flexible, varied involvements in the specialty retail, multichannel, and consumer brand sectors. Its charter is to work with, invest in, and support a small number of exciting consumer-facing companies.

Integrity seeks to be involved in brands with unique and compelling product visions that serve the needs of, and inspire, a clear and specific customer. And, to partner with leaders who seek to build principled, capable, well-governed organizations, with passionate, values-driven cultures. Performance is a result of the foregoing factors—of a great blend of art and science—not an end in itself.

In its involvements Integrity brings to bear:  passion and intuition for products and brand visions;  deep experience with consumer-facing business models; strong value investment discipline; expertise and experience with complex board, leadership, and change dynamics; and emotional intelligence - to help achieve the alignments of people, culture, conviction, and discipline that are fundamental to succes.


In 25+ years, Integrity has invested in and partnered with a spectrum of major national companies and also with emerging concepts.  Its primary investment focus has been merchandising-driven turnarounds at national brands, that have realigned the product with the tenets of the brand and the expectations of the customer.  Integrity's involvements have spanned consumer-facing categories, with a common focus on creating a great blend of art and science to drive long-term success. 

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